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Plumber Piedmont, Ok Plumbing & Repair Contractor

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Teresa Jordan
2 weeks ago

Excellent service came out when he said he would explained everything in detail would highly recommend

Alison Simone
2 months ago

Called and showed up last minute for us. And was able to unclog two days worth of stress.

T Hill
a year ago

Great repair job by plumber

Brian Sudol
a year ago

Very professional and knowledgeable installation process. Cleaned up work site and pays attention to details. Highly recommend.

Adam Lindholm
2 years ago

Great service. Robert was able to come by the same day I called to fix my issue.

Taylor Sterkel
2 years ago

Joshua Grillo
3 years ago

Needed a water heater replaced. Robert was able to come out next day and was very thorough with the work making sure there were no leaks. We also discussed a few other plumbing items - some nice free information for continued upkeep.

A Bullard
3 years ago

Robert and his assistant, Brent, fixed several frustrating leaks and we're very pleased with their work and commitment to excellence!

Sherryl Faris
3 years ago

These guys came to repair a toilet that just kept running. Even came after hours Great service....very professional Great company to deal with and reasonable

Brandon Morgan
3 years ago

Came out same day and did excellent work and tried helping me discover a “ghost” smell and gave me some tips and advice without charging for the extra time. Very friendly and would use again.

Sara Salas
10 years ago

Plumber Piedmont Ok Plumbing & Repair Contractor fit us into a busy schedule and got our stove installed quickly and efficiently. They also happily replaced a shower head for us that was a last-minute add-on.

Shanyn Davis
8 years ago

We called plumbers piedmont, ok and we found this great plumber. I can't thank Robert enough for coming out to my house and fix our stopped up drain. I've never been so excited to wash clothes and do dishes. He is excellent at what he does. He gave us a lot of useful information for the future. He is a nice man and a hard worker. So if you need a plumber piedmont, ok give him a call.

Richard Ferrell
4 years ago

This is the second time I have used Plumber Piedmont. Always excellent service done quickly and with quality. Would recommend for all your plumbing needs.

Barrett Matthews
9 years ago

Professional and quick, came out to the house same day as call! Always explains everything and does a very thorough job. Extremely fair pricing.

Megan Dahl
3 years ago

These guys are great! Called and they came out that day. Excellent work. Will recommend every time.

nashika corley
3 years ago

Was very nice and educated me on things I could do to check for small leaks worked fast and cleaned up after wards I would recommend to any home owner

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